Discipline, Respect, Technical Excellence, Self Confidence, and Leadership. These are the aims of or Kids Karate program.

Martial Arts are one of the absolute most beneficial activities for children of all ages. Goal setting (belt levels), cooperation (partner drills), and the ability for each child to progress at his or her own pace are just a few of the advantages of enrolling your child in our Martial Arts Curriculum.

How many other sports or activities, not only get your kid off of the couch but involve your child with a mentor figure who will give them guidance and instruction in a consistent fashion over an extended period of time?

Our ultimate goal is for every student to be a black belt, every teacher to be a friend, and every parent to be proud.

When it comes to our Kids Karate Lessons, they are not Karate per se, but rather a structured, and safe approach to teaching MMA for kids. Think of it as Kids BJJ meets Thai Boxing for kids meets life lessons and philosophy that will build character and develop successful habits.

Mushin Self Defense is one of Utah’s first and finest schools for learning Mixed Martial Arts. We have served the Davis County area for over 17 years as the most professional and successful academy in the area.

With two Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belts, and instructors certified in Combat Submission Wrestling and Muay Thai, no other school in the North Salt Lake area can come close to our level of experience, service and expertise.

On a technical level, your child will learn the footwork, head movement, covers, parries and defenses from Boxing. They will learn the Basic Boxing punches. They will learn the basic Kicks from Muay Thai, Thai Boxing and Tae Kwon Do. They will also learn how to effectively clinch using closing techniques from Muay Thai as well as Greco Roman Wrestling, Scholastic Wrestling, and Judo.


From there they will learn how to defend as well as utilize takedowns from Greco, Catch as Catch Can, Freestyle Wrestling and Judo. Once on the ground, your child will learn how to defend against strikes, escape and move with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Freestyle Wrestling and Catch Wrestling.

They will be able to defend themselves at any range. But more importantly, they will learn valuable life lessons and behavior traits that will extend far beyond our Martial Arts School. At Mushin Self Defense, the Martial Arts are just a way to teach these, more important aspects.

What does it mean to have “Black Belt Spirit”? When some students first arrive at our academy they believe this means being tough. And it does. But not in the way they think it does. Many think that being tough means being able to defeat all the other kids in the room. Nothing could be further from the truth. “Black Belt Spirit” means doing what you can to better every other kid in the room including yourself. It means being tough when things hurt. But not on the skin. It means daring and striving greatly for a lofty goal like winning a grappling tournament or breaking a very difficult board, and coming up short. That hurts. It hurts on the inside, in hour heart. Sometimes so bad, that we want to give up and do something else.


Something like video games. Because with video games we can save our progress and start over. As many times as it takes. And we don’t have to breath hard, or struggle. We can just plug in and hit reset.

But the real world doesn’t work that way. There is no saved progress. You only get one shot at that job interview, or that college you’re tying to get into. And when people straight up tell you, you’re just not good enough, it hurts. It hurts bad. So bad that we may want to quit and retire to the comfort of our parent’s basement, where we can pick up that controller again and hit reset, and at least win that video game we were playing.

But we won’t. Because a Black Belt IS tough. Because when we failed at the grappling tournament, or the belt test, or at breaking that difficult board, Sensei told us we weren’t good enough… yet. Then he asked how we were going to get better and helped you get there. And at the next test, or the next tournament, you did better. Maybe not completely achieving your goal, but getting closer. And so you saw, it was possible. That all that stood in the way was hard work and extra effort.

And you got used to the pain of failure and defeat. And it didn’t bother you anymore. Because you are tough. Because you are tough, it didn’t bother you anymore, instead it fed a hunger, a desire and drive to improve and master that obstacle in front of you. And you began to see that those kids you were wrestling were not near as difficult to deal with as the demons of self doubt in yourself. But soon you begin to see that they too are no more than figments of your imagination, that melt away with effort and hard work. So now when that Employer tells you, you aren’t qualified, you simply ask why not and when they tell you, you go and get those qualifications, because you are tough, because it is no different than getting those belts when you were a kid. Because you have “Black Belt Spirit.”

These are the discussions we have in our kids classes. These are the real lessons we teach, through the Kids Boxing, and BJJ techniques. “Black Belt Spirit” is the end. Black Belt Techniques are simply the means.

Feedback From Parents

Our son loves Mushin Self Defense! Since beginning martial arts, he has learned self-control and respect for himself and others.

Sensei has also taught him that his martial arts knowledge should never be used to hurt others, but rather to prevent him from being harmed. We have comfort in knowing that if our young son ever finds himself in a dangerous situation, he’ll know what to do.

Sensei has a great amount of patience with the class of energetic, 4-6 year olds and a unique teaching style that holds their attention. No two classes are exactly the same so there’s always an excitement to see what skills will be taught and practiced in the next class.

Three years ago we discovered Mushin self defense for our 6 year old boy who was experiencing some anger problems at school.

Mr. Yamasaki and his trainers have taught our son discipline and respect which have been fundamental in his development as a young man. We later enrolled our 5 year old who is reaching the 1.5 year mark. In a short time, we will be enrolling our daughter. Not only are our children learning the discipline and respect as mentioned, they are gaining the confidence and self-esteem they need to succeed in life.

In addition, they are getting great exercise and learning to defend themselves which is increasingly becoming more important.

Sensei Yamasaki has been a great instructor to my son Dakota. Dakota is 5 and has been a student under the direction of Sensei Yamasaki for about 18 months.

I think one of the best attributes about Sensei Yamasaki is how patient he is with the younger children (as we all know that is a challenge in itself). Brian is constantly trying to mentor the kids on all aspects of  life often times taking 10 minutes of class time to talk about issues like bullying, fighting, respecting your family or hitting girls. He is always looking for ways to improve our children on all aspects of life not only in the physical aspects of martial arts. Brian is genuinely concerned for his students. Brian also takes the opportunity to communicate with parents after each class and address any issues that we might have.

To sum it up I would recommend Sensei Yamasaki to anyone who has young children it has been a great experience and my son is not only getting martial arts lessons but also real life lessons that I feel will make him a better person. 

As a father of a 4 year old boy, I put my son in Mushin Self Defense with the hope of improving his confidence and learning a skill. Much to my surprise almost three years later he and my 8 year old daughter are both still taking classes every week.

It has been a great experience and they have not only learned what I had hoped but they have also begin developing in other facets as well. Respect, process thinking and being comfortable in an arena that provides for many different experiences.

We are grateful for Brian at Mushin and would have it no other way. Mushin is about people and developing those skills as well as great instruction. Thank you Mushin!!

My two boys ages 4 and 7 practice at Mushin Self Defense. We have had a wonderful experience working with Sensei Yamasaki.

Mushin Self Defense has taught my sons to have respect for themselves and others as well as self discipline. When we began the classes my 7 year old had a very difficult time paying attention, waiting his turn, and respecting others but wow has he come a long way. He has learned life changing skills at Mushin.

Sensei Yamasaki makes it fun and exciting for young children to learn mixed martial arts!

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