Bullying continues to be a problem in our society.  According to a recent study featured in a story at Fox News (click here to see the video piece) the effects of bullying can linger long after your child leaves the school age years.  Bullying can cause anxiety, depression and have other negative impacts on their lives well into their 40’s.

We don’t need to list the long term detriments to health and well being to know that bullying is devastating to a child.  And yet, it still exists and at surprising level of frequency.  It is a mistake to think that this is someone else’s problem.  Right here in our own back yard, bullying is taking a toll on our kids and has even become lethal in some instances. Take for instance the case of David Phan.

Mushin Self Defense has established itself as a leader in Bully Prevention, Guidance and Consultation.  We have a multi-tiered approach to making your child a hard target for bullying.  We start by instilling a strong sense of self worth and self confidence in your child.  We bolster this confidence with physical strength and technical skill.  We give your child the abilities they need to defend themselves physically if the need should ever arise in a immediate action scenario.  However, we astress non-violent and preventative measures as the primary means to defending against a bully.

Many Self Defense and Martial Arts schools offer these wonderful services to their students.  Where Mushin stands alone is our development and incorporation of a Family Front, the strategic and tactical use of social media, case building, and legal know how that will force administrators to take notice and listen to your family’s needs.  These are the higher levels of the tiered defense program that we offer at Mushin Self Defense.  We have successfully employed these measures to hold administrators accountable for the incidents that take place under their watch.

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Take for instance, an ongoing bullying problem that existed at a school in Davis County.  With our program we were able to bring immediate attention to the problem and bring an end to the bullying in a matter of days.  This was without the use of a single physical self defense technique.  Not a single punch was thrown, no blocks, kicks or takedowns.  Just the higher level Bully Defense tactics.  Now the school is a safer place, the boy is no longer bullied and his tormentors and their families were made aware of the improper behavior and have since improved themselves.  Everyone won!

If you would like to enroll your child in our Bully Defense program, please give us a call 801-296-0734.  It all starts with Self Confidence and Self Worth.  Without these your child may never inform you of a bullying problem because they may feel like they “deserve it”.  Our Martial Arts program is a fantastic first step in providing a rock solid Bully Defense for your child.

If you aren’t interested in our Martial Arts programs but would like to hear more about our Bully Defense Consultation and Case Building services, we also offer them separately.  Our number again is 801-296-0734 and we would love to hear from you and be of assistance.