We have an excellent Brazilian Jiu-jitsu program at Mushin Self Defense.  Our program teaches you the fundamentals of Self Defense while at the same time providing a safe and friendly environment that cultivates a healthy, physical lifestyle.

Our students often comment on how our BJJ classes improve their flexibility in addition to their overall strength and conditioning.  Every part of your body gets a work out.  Including your mind.  BJJ is a thinking persons sport.  It’s just as much about understanding leverages and outsmarting your training partner as it is about knowing how to execute an arm lock or a collar choke.

Students also express how much they enjoy the comradery that exists at Mushin.  Lessons bridge over from simple technique demonstrations into the philosophical aspects of the Martial Arts and how we can use what we learn on the mat to improve our lives off of it.

If you would like to add Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to your exercise routine, make new friends and add the many other benefits of the Martial Arts to your life, give us a call at 801-296-0734.  It’s never too late to start!